Monday, 3 March 2014

John Threlfall Pastel Demonstration

Here are some photos from John Threlfall's pastel demonstration in the gallery. As part of our John Threlfall and Lisa Hooper exhibition we have been lucky enough to have both artists show some of their working practices in the gallery.

John talked about how he worked from his field sketches. It was wonderful to see the sketches that he had drawn directly from life, often on cliff edges and blustery beaches!

He chose to draw two Great Crested Grebes in pastel. Everyone who came felt very inspired by his passion for his subjects and the medium of pastel.

The exhibition has been extremely popular with so many wonderful comments from visitors to the gallery. Lisa and John should feel very proud of such a fantastic exhibition.

The exhibition continues until the 29th March. You can view it on our web site here.