Friday, 29 January 2010

The World's First Pottery

I love the new BBC Radio 4 series 'The History of The World In 100 Objects'. This morning's programme featured a 7,000 year old Japanese Jomon pot. Jomon people created the world's first pottery and this invention went on to change our diet by introducing pottery cooking vessels.

As Neil MacGregor says at the end of the programme: '...pots bind the whole of society together.'

In the gallery both Jill and I love exhibiting pottery from many different makers, and as this wonderful Jomon pot demonstrates that you can't overestimate the importance of it.

The whole 'History of The World' series has been quite brilliant, another of my favourite episodes was about a 13,000 year old carving of swimming reindeer and what it tells us about early art.

Thursday, 28 January 2010

New Work from Lisa Hooper

LISA HOOPER A Deceit of Lapwings hand coloured linocut £250 unframed, £290 framed.

LISA HOOPER A Charm of Goldfinches linocut £200 unframed, £250 framed.

Lisa Hooper has had a productive winter and yesterday she brought us some of her new prints. It's lovely to have new work arriving at the gallery after so much of our Christmas Exhibition has gone to good homes!

Her work is stronger than ever and includes a new flower print 'Hydrangea' which is quite stunning, printed on handmade paper with petals in the paper composition.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

Van Gogh - the artist and his letters

I can't wait to make a trip down to London to see this, Van Gogh - The Artist and his Letters, at The Royal Academy. Almost all the paintings have never been seen in Britain before and one hasn't been out of a Private Collection since 1901.

It opens on Saturday and looks unmissable.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Spring has sprung?

... Well, not quite! These Narcissi came all the way from the Scilly Isles. They certainly cheered up the gallery today and reminded us that this winter won't last forever.

We rearranged quite a bit of the gallery space today to replace sold paintings. It was nice to have a change around even though the exhibition runs until the end of January. The view from my desk has completely changed and I have some lovely new paintings to enjoy looking at when I'm daydreaming!

Monday, 11 January 2010

Carlingwark Ice

JOHN THRELFALL Carlingwark Ice - Mute Swans oil on canvas £490

This painting by John Threlfall couldn't be more perfect for the cold weather; it's been colder here than I can ever remember.

Carlingwark Loch did indeed freeze over but today a thaw has started. Although I find the icy, sparkly white countyside round here incredibly beautiful I think I've had enough for another year and I hope the thaw continues...

In tribute to this exceptional cold snap I have decorated the gallery window with some art work which reflects winter, snow and ice: John Threlfall's 'Carlingwark Ice - Mute Swans', James Orr's 'Little Church In The Snow' and Aliisa Hyslop's 'Moon Skaters'.

Sunday, 10 January 2010

He's Home!

'Peter Pan is feeling very poorly' - Illustration © Richard W. Boardman

Just over a week ago we had to take Peter Pan to the equine hospital in Glasgow. His illness is still a bit of a mystery - he stopped eating and drinking and was obviously feeling very ill. After the most wonderful care at the Weipers Centre we got him home on Thursday. We've just been out for a walk with him and his friend Hamish. His appetite has returned to normal, helped by the arrival of some delicious looking meadow hay, and 'Apple Chaff'.

Artist and friend of the gallery Richard Boardman drew a wonderful illustration of Peter Pan convalescing. I think everyone needs a hot water bottle in this freezing weather!

Friday, 1 January 2010

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

I spent most of the day in the stable with Peter Pan who is still very poorly with a mystery illness. We had another vet visit and more tests done so we'll see if anything shows up.

Here's some photos of him getting a bit of fresh air in the garden this morning.