Saturday, 9 August 2008

30 years with Bourne Fine Art

Charles Oppenheimer RSA RSW Mill Pool

Our new Exhibition with Bourne Fine Art opened today. I remember coming here as a child for the Galloway exhibitions. The atmosphere of the place is so clear in my memory, the table lamps lighting a dark but welcoming interior, the bowls of mints, the flock of familiar faces…and here I am, age 31, celebrating 30 years of these enchanting exhibitions in the Gallery. It looks quite different now, but we hope still has the original charm.

When the paintings arrived last week Jill and I had a most enjoyable afternoon unwrapping all the works. The printed catalogue is lovely but in reality the light and detail in the paintings shines in a way that only an original painting can.

The Gallery was bursting at the seams this morning with people drinking Pimms and catching up with old friends. It was lovely to see the place so full of people and hear all the enthusiasm for the paintings.

The exhibition runs until the 30th of August.



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