Sunday, 25 January 2009

Burns Light Burns Night

We're just back from the torch lit celebrations in Dumfries celebrating the 250th anniversary of Burns' birth. The spectacular willow sculpture of Tam O'Shanter on his horse Meg was made by artists Trevor Leat and Alex Rigg. It floated on the Nith before being lit as night fell.

Crowds gathered on the white sands with a fabulous array of lanterns. Rhonehouse village created Kevin the carthorse with artist Lizzie Farey. His mane rustled in the wind and he had such a characterful face he almost looked as if he was going to give a speech! The lanterns included a graceful boat with twinkling fairy lights, a mouse with a wiggly tail, a huge candle, a cat and a dragon.

As the light fell the willow sculpture was silhouetted against the sky, Tam's Arms reaching skyward as his horse reared up:
Chinese lanterns floated up into the sky above the river Nith and fireworks and fire then engulfed Tam and his horse. I think Rabbie Burns would have approved of the celebratory spirit and all the creativity thriving in Dumfries and Galloway.


Hannah said...

hi Zoe,
Give me a ring some time and you can come over and do some sgraffito if you want to.

Zoe said...

Thanks so much Hannah, will definitely take you up on that offer!


Hannah said...

Do, just let me know a couple of days before you want to come and I'll make some things for you to decorate.