Thursday, 30 July 2009

They've arrived!

Roger and John unpacking the van.

Roger with the large bronze fish - looking very pleased!

John with the bronze seal.

The crate from Italy.

I was glad Roger was on hand to open the crate.

Me unpacking. As Roger said, it was like Christmas!

Richard W. Boardman's bronze sculptures arrived today, ready for our opening on the 8th of August.

They had been on an incredibly long journey and it was with great excitement that we unpacked the crate and boxes. They really are quite exceptional and we are looking forward to the exhibition so much. Richard will be on hand to set up the fountains in the garden next week.

In preparation for using the garden an an exhibiting space our friend Jem has been sorting out the hedge and clearing away some of the wood. Our gardening friends Bob and Val are coming on Saturday with some new plants including a scented rose and some clematis.

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Christine H S said...

I've been reall enjoying your blog. Great sculptures - I love the photo of Rodger with the fish, it's a whopper. ........and you deserve those flowers.