Monday, 2 November 2009

New pots

Here are some photos of our new pots, all birthday presents for Jill and me.

The first three photos are of a commission from ceramicist Christine Smith, to commemorate an important birthday for Jill this year.

It hangs above our front door, and shows our dog Beano chasing ducks. Christine has really captured Beano's looks, and more importantly his personality!

This magnificent jug by potter Paul Young was a present from Mum and Dad (Jill and Roger) for my birthday. It has a really shiny glaze and I love the way the brown glaze has run from the 'buttons' of clay on the surface of the jug. It's quite large but very light and balanced. I can imagine it with pink peonies in it. I'll have to wait until next year for that.

I was also lucky enough to receive this gorgeous Lemur dish - it was also made by Christine Smith. Jill bought it at Potfest In The Park for me.

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