Wednesday, 1 December 2010

We're open for late night shopping!

Berries in the Gallery Garden

We're open on Thursday the 2nd of December for late night shopping until 8pm.

We will be serving ginger wine or non alcoholic ginger cordial while you view.

Castle Douglas is looking very festive and there's lots going on in the town on Thursday night. Our neighbour Clint Burgess at Thistle B Scrumptious will be opening late too, so you can stock up on some delicious Scottish fayre on your way down to see us in the gallery.

Leo has been helping us with our in-house product shots today and it's been brilliant to have an extra pair of hands in the gallery while we set up the exhibition. He's been photographing paintings that are already behind glass, which is quite a challenge, but he's done a great job.  He also took some really lovely photos of our snowy gallery garden. Thanks Leo!


Anonymous said...

You mean 2nd December.

Yours truly

Zoe said...

Ooops I've edited my post!