Thursday, 29 September 2011

Antony @ Wigtown Book Festival

Here's some photos of my dog and gallery companion, Antony, taken by J D Andrews, who we met at Wigtown Book Festival last Sunday. Thanks for the lovely photos J D! Antony is five and a half months old now and it's a while since I posted some photos of him.

We visited the Artist In Residence at the Wigtown Book Festival, Kim Ayres who is taking portraits of festival goers but Antony was too wriggly to sit still on my knee for a portrait. Take a look at Kim's blog and Facebook page though as he's gathering quite a collection of interesting faces.

Antony has a W for Whippet on his chest!


ajsimmons said...

Beautiful....A x

Garry Maclennan said...

Check him! not such a wee guy anymore! Have him and Gatsby had a race yet?

Zoe said...

Gatsby wins every time Garry. He's lighter than Antony by quite a bit. To make it fair Gatsby would have to carry some weights like jockeys do!