Thursday, 21 February 2013

Photos from 'Meet the Artist' with Lisa Hooper

Here are some photos from our 'Meet the artist' event in the gallery with Printmaker Lisa Hooper.

Jill and Inga in the kitchen
Inga was mulling the cider and mixing the drinks and did a fantastic job.

Lisa's demo table all set up and ready to go

We hung a solo show of Lisa's work in the large room at the front of the gallery. It's great to see all her work together, and so many new prints. I especially like her new work inspired by Inuit art.

Japanese woodblock and tools
Lisa brought a Japanese woodblock 'Black Throated Diver' to print in the gallery. This technique uses waterbased paint and ink and you don't need a printing press, it's ideal for demonstrations away from the studio.
Quite a crowd gathered to watch

Lisa Hooper and her husband Alan

The lovely stained glass panel in the door through to the gallery kitchen

The finished print
It was a great day and we're really thankful to Lisa, who put such a lot of work into her demonstration and talk, not to mention all the work on the walls.

The exhibition continues until 2nd March.

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