Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Matt Baker - Quorum

Matt Baker - Quorum (detail)

As part of the Galloway Forest Easter Festival last Sunday I went on a guided walk with artist Matt Baker. Matt took us to see his wonderful stone carvings 'Quorum' which are nestled in the Galloway hills near Clatteringshaws. The carved heads have been there for nearly twenty years and feel very much part of the place. I loved the colourful lichens that have formed beautiful patterns on the faces, even giving the head pictured above 'eyebrows'.

We then walked to Colin Rose's 'The Eye' on the edge of Black Loch and through the forest to the Murray Monument. Matt gave us a fascinating insight into the geological history of the landscape. He spent eight weeks in a residency in that part of the country and we heard about the other pieces he created, which have now been lost to the deforestation.

It was a real treat to spend such a long time talking to an artist about his inspirations and processes and we covered a good few other topics too. All in all a great way to spend Sunday afternoon.

Matt Baker - Quorum (detail)

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