Saturday, 17 May 2014

A Body of Parts - Silvy Weatherall @ Jupiter Artland

 Chocolate Martinis at Jupiter Artland

On Friday we were invited by Silvy Weatherall to attend the opening of her exhibition 'A Body of Parts' at Jupiter Artland near Edinburgh. Silvy's husband is a game dealer and this, combined with her hatred of waste, lead to her using feathers, beaks, feet, and bones amongst other things in her work. My favourite piece was a silver gilded fox skeleton that had been deconstructed and beautifully presented. Silvy said it was a road kill fox that someone left on her doorstep on the 2nd of January! The exhibition is in the delightful Tin Roof Gallery at Jupiter. The presentation is meticulous, right down to having special 'feathers' wall paper printed using one of Silvy's feather designs.

There were delicious cocktails, ice creams, and food from an Airstream caravan. The party marked six years of being open for Jupiter Artland. It was a warm sunny evening and we wandered through the woodland to enjoy some of the permanent sculpture collection.

 Antony Gormley, Firmament

Contemplating Art at Jupiter Artland with Cornelia Parker's Landscape with Gun and Tree

Ian Hamilton Finlay, Only Connect

Nathan Coley, You Imagine What You Desire

Marc Quinn's Love Bomb at dusk as we were leaving.

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May Ferries said...

LOVE this place! Must go again and see this. There's always something new.