Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Mia visits the Gallery

Sue Dunne, Mia and Jill

We had a busy day with lots of new work arriving for the exhibition on Saturday. Sue Dunne and Rosie Villiers-Stuart delivered their work with canine companion Mia, a very pretty Collie. The photo shows Jill holding Sue's ceramic Hooper swans and Rosie's watercolour in the background. Tea and biscuits were enjoyed by all with lots of chat about birds - Rosie and Sue had been staying at Caerlaverock Nature Reserve, which is heaven for artists who love birds!

CHRISTINE SMITH Doves and Cabbages Earthenware Dish £42

Christine's husband Rodger delivered her work, staying to have tea and biscuits with the ladies. It's great to see how much how much Christine's ceramics are developing and changing since she started using her new clay extruder. This enables her to achieve long clay forms, including wavy ones! Lots of boats, fish and swimmers...

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