Saturday, 29 November 2008

The Royal Glasgow Institute

EWAN MCCLURE Self Portrait

There is only one day left of the RGI show at The Mitchell in Glasgow, it closes tomorrow.

I am pleased to say that Ewan McClure won the James Torrance Memorial Award for his Self Portrait. All the paintings in this annual exhibition are for sale and not surprisingly Ewan's painting has been sold. Congratulations Ewan!

I enjoyed the show, some paintings more than others, as is to be expected. David Sinclair's 'The Open Window' is an outstanding painting. I also greatly admire Helen Wilson's work and loved her 'Tiny Dancer'.

Ewan has been working on two new paintings for our December exhibition Impressions of Galloway Past and Present, which opens a week today on the 6th of December. They are titled 'Fading Light, Kirkcudbright' and 'Rushes by the Dee', I picked them up from Ewan at Waverley station last week. When I got back to the gallery and unwrapped them, both Jill and I instantly loved them. I think seeing new work straight from the people who created it, often before anyone else has seen it, is such a privilege and one of the nicest parts of our job!

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