Thursday, 19 February 2009

Lighting up your way

Electrician Kenny McBride fitting a sensor for the lights

This week we've been continuing the gallery improvements. Kenny McBride has been fitting new lighting in the back two exhibiting spaces. This means we can dispense of our huge 100w bulbs and go some way to reducing our carbon footprint. With this in mind we have fitted sensors to most of the lighting in the gallery. With five exhibiting spaces, even when the gallery is quite busy, customers are rarely in all the spaces at once... the sensors will mean that the lights only come on as people move into the rooms, very good for the environment, and we hope these changes will make economical sense too!

So, next time you visit the gallery the lights will come on as you make your way round the spaces.

1 comment:

Christine H S said...

Ooh, Can't wait to come round and try them. The lights go on....then the lights go off.... Wasn't that a Turner Prize Winner a few years back?