Monday, 2 March 2009

The red browser

Unpacking the browser

The run up to a new exhibition is always exciting, nerve wracking and hectic. We are constantly thinking about the composition of the show and worrying about the logistics of getting everything from the artists, who often live in far flung paces, and always seem to work right up to the very last minute. Everything is coming together nicely for this show but I still wake up worrying about how we are going to get it all exactly right before the Private View on Sunday.

Today we unpacked a very fetching red browser. We have a lot of new unframed work in the Printmakers' Exhibition and this browser looks really great in the front room, I wish we'd known about this company before we bought our other browsers.

As we wheeled the browser into place it looked as if Anita Klein's 'Lady with a Hedgehog' was peering down to get a closer look!

I've got a mammoth amount of labels to print so I'd better get started...

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