Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Flying Fox

RICHARD W BOARDMAN Flying Fox - wax - work in progress
height: 31 cm. width: 9 cm. length: 50 cm.

I've been doing some flying myself recently as I'm just back from a wonderful trip to Amsterdam followed by a fantastic exhibition packed trip to London. I'll be posting more about it over the next few days - if I get time in between hanging the new exhibition ready for Saturday.

Whilst I was away I was excited to receive an image of 'Flying Fox' by Richard W. Boardman. Richard is exhibiting with us in August and this is his latest sculpture. Richard has worked the sculpture in wax and it is now ready to go to the foundry - the finished bronze should be ready for us in August. The photo above has been 'photoshoped' to create an impression of the colour of the finished bronze, as the wax Richard works in is actually a rather delightful bright red.

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