Monday, 27 April 2009

Rebecca Callis, Jonathan Mitchell, David Sinclair RSW

Jonathan Mitchell and Rebecca Callis with Jonathan's painting 'Sunday Afternoon, Castle Douglas' and Rebecca's Trio of Pots.

I didn't get time to upload these photos yesterday as we were at Glasgow Art Fair.

Here are few snaps from our Saturday Private View - Rebecca Callis' Porcelain and Jonathan Mitchell and David Sinclair RSW paintings. It's the first time we've had an all day Opening and it was a much more relaxed affair, with lots of time to chat to customers. Both Jonathan and Rebecca were there to chat to customers and it was also an opportunity for Jonathan to meet the people who bought his paintings from our exhibition of his work in 2008.

Jill with 'Pedestrians, Central London' by Jonathan Mitchell

There is a really change of ambiance in the gallery after the busy Printmakers' Exhibition. We felt when we chose these three artists that the works would complement each other. We were delighted to have this confirmed when we'd finished hanging the paintings and placing Rebecca's pots around the gallery. The soft glazes in greys, blues and pinks that Rebecca uses look exceptionally good with Jonathan's cityscapes and the pale blue/grey paint that David is so fond of in his Still Life work.

Zoe with 'Peeled Orange' by David Sinclair RSW

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ScottyXXX said...

Another excellent exhibition, with some outstanding work from these three practitioners. Great to talk with Jonathan and to buy a piece by David. Hopefully, see you all soon.
(PS, don't eat any of the oranges).