Sunday, 3 May 2009

Bob in Glasgow

Music is Art so I think Mr Bob Dylan deserves a mention on the Gallery Blog. His concert last night in Glasgow was completely captivating.  I was standing right at the front, a few metres from the great man himself. I could see his expressions as he picked out the harmonica he was going to use for the next song and the intense looks from his band as they followed his every move with great affection. It didn't feel like there were another 8499 people in the hall.

Before the gig I'd been warned by so many people: he won't look up, he'll have his back to the audience, he'll be in a bad mood, you won't be able to understand what he's singing...

Well, they were all wrong. Bob, you were amazing, see you again tonight in Edinburgh.

Z x

1 comment:

Ron said...

Wow. Bob two nights in a row. Lucky girl.
Enjoyed seeing the visit to the Rembrandt house.