Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Handsome Family and the Art of Rennie Sparks

I was lucky enough to see the Handsome Family's sell out show in Glasgow just over a week ago. Their music is captivating, mysterious and full of the best stories you could ever hear. This is down to the partnership of Rennie and Brett Sparks who are celebrating 25 years of marriage with the launch of their latest album 'Honey Moon'. Rennie painted the cover of the album (above) and does the most fabulous pet portraits I've ever seen. I would rather like Beano and the Shetland ponies immortalised by her.

Rennie Sparks paints very much in the style of American Folk Art and decorates the frames of her pictures with heavily varnished dried beans. Her amazing imagination weaves it's way through their music: she writes the lyrics and Brett writes the melodies. Here's an original screen printed band poster by Rennie:

I wish more bands produced screen printed posters these days!

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