Friday, 12 March 2010

Exhibition Final Countdown

Me unpacking Amanda Simmons' Glass.

This afternoon we've been rushing around doing all the last minute jobs before the exhibition opens tonight. We left Amanda's glass until last to unpack.

Note: I'm wearing trainers which I wouldn't normally do in the gallery but they are a must when you are setting up an exhibition - no need to join a gym with all the running around and picture lifting that you do!

Daffodils in the window - I just love Spring flowers and they are welcome sight after the winter we've just had. I went to Mitchells the greengrocers in Castle Douglas this afternoon to buy lots of flowers for the gallery, the pinks, yellows and purples go so well with the work in this show.

I love the colour symmetry between Josephine Broekhuizen's painting 'Vessels on Blue' and Amanda Simmons' glass bowl 'Petal Star'.

See you all tonight 7 - 9 pm.


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