Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Flowers from a Friend of the Gallery

Primula Posy

Grape Hyacinths (note the white one!)

Flowers in a Sue Binns Jug

The last of the gravel was laid in the gallery garden today and the garden is looking great, very neat and tidy - it's been warm enough to have the back door open and customers have been able to wander out and enjoy the space.

Our friend Jo dropped in to see our exhibition and, as ever, came bearing gifts from her garden - tiny primroses, miniature daffodils and grape hyacinths, including a white one, which I've never seen before. I love the way we have a real band of local people who come to see every exhibition and really appreciate the gallery, this grows all the time and people are still discovering us.

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Hannah said...

Thank you for identifying the white things with balls on outside my workshop, I now know they are grape hyacinth. The tiny daffs you gave me last year were about to burst into flower until I had to rescue them this morning after it seems the pheasants strewed them around the farmyard last night. They're tucked up safe in their pots again now. The garden is looking great in the pics.