Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Holy Isle

The gallery Blog has been quiet as I have been on holiday and Jill has been working in the gallery on her own.

I'm just back from a few days on Holy Isle on a yoga retreat with French Iyengar Yoga teacher Patrick Le Roy and his partner Dominique Sevelli. It was the perfect setting for intensive practice and for deepening my understanding of Iyengar yoga. It was blissful to be away from absolutely everything. We had three classes a day, but without the responsibilities that come with normal day to day life there was still with lots of time to walk and chat to friends. We climbed the hill in the middle of the island and the panoramic views were spectacular.

On our last night the moon was almost full and shone like a giant torch in the sky. We walked the length of the island by moonlight. We could see Ailsa Craig clearly and seals were swimming in the sea bathed in moonlight as the oyster catchers and gulls shouted at them from the shore line.

Here are some photos of this very special place:

The island has Buddhist rock carving and paintings along the path to the two lighthouses.

There is a healing spring next to Saint Molaise's cave.

The rare Soay sheep were lambing and the lambs were absolutely gorgeous.

One of the wild Eriskay ponies gave birth to a foal while we were there.

I feel so lucky to have been able to spend such an enjoyable and restorative time in such a beautiful place.

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