Monday, 17 May 2010

A Busy Opening Day

Here are some photos from our Opening on Saturday. We had a great day, thank you all for coming.

Linda Farquharson's 'The Lino Bird' box framed book, with etchings 'The Present' and 'The Bath' to the left and right by Frans Wesselman, and a lino cut 'Landscape with Rainbow' in the centre by Hilke MacIntyre.

Me and Jill chatting to Sandy Murphy and friends in gallery 2.

Sandy Murphy's 'West Coast Landscape' with Linda Farquharson's 'Temptation'

Jem and Roger chatting in gallery 1.

Sandy Murphy's 'Blue Tablecloth' and Linda Farquharson's 'flight'.

Jools and Leo in the long room (gallery 3) looking at etchings and linocuts.

Gallery 2 with Margaret Brampton's Slipware pottery on the table.

The front room - we lit the fire, even in May - it was sunny but chilly!

The fireplace in gallery 2 with Sandy Murphy's 'Studio Tabletop'.

Margaret Brampton's wonderful pottery, just look at the colours in her glazes, beautiful!

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