Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Burns Tasting Buffet By Thistle B Scrumptious

Our neighbours Thistle B Scrumptious held a wonderful Burns tasting buffet at our Opening on Saturday.

Their shop sells only local and Scottish produce and last year they won the Dumfries and Galloway Life Retailer of the Year award.

Here's some photos of the table. All the food was themed around the poetry and songs of Robert Burns. Very clever! We'd like to thank Helen and Clint for all the work they put into it. We all had a very enjoyable time and it brought some cheer to a cold January day.

Tommy Thomson gave a captivating recital of Burns poetry. His style is relaxed, and he brings out the gritty reality of the poems.  I hope to have a video of that to share with you at some point.

I think Rabbie would have enjoyed our afternoon afternoon of food, poetry and art here in the gallery himself!

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