Wednesday, 4 September 2013

EAFS - The Rise and Fall of The Grey Mare's Tail & The Dark Outside FM

James Winnett - The Rise and Fall of The Grey Mare's Tail

The inaugural Environmental Art Festival Scotland (EAFS) took place across the region from 30th August - 2nd September. It was a busy weekend for us, opening our new exhibition, but by the end of the day on Saturday we managed to rush away and go to Clatteringshaws to see what was happening up there. Sadly we didn't get there in time to see Alex Rigg's Sporopollen but the location was spectacular and we met up with lots of friends who told us the Grey Mare's Tail installation was just along the road (not in Moffat as we had thought!).

Having been at work all day we made our way along the road feeling quite hungry and tired and wishing we'd brought something to eat. We tuned into The Dark Outside FM and enjoyed the journey along the road. Low and behold The Green Tea House was parked by the road side serving lovely hot dinners to all the people who were gathering for a night of intrigue and mystery. Green Tea lady Catherine Braid saved the day.

It was interesting to see that James Winnett had produced Victorian looking prints of his work The Rise and Fall of the Grey Mare's tail. In our gallery we sell work by Victorian aritst James Faed Jnr - an artist well known for his love of waterfalls. I pondered on what James Faed Jnr and his family would have made of it all?

As we started to walk up to the Murray's Monument some excited children ran down the hill towards us and stopped to explain that they'd just met The Archivist and seen EVERYTHING in his suitcase. We were intrigued. And there he was with his suitcase, half way up the hill and surrounded by midges. What followed was a brilliant piece of performance art. We delved into the suitcase, our questions were answered with great insight, knowledge and theatre and we learned of all the proposals that didn't make it into the final festival line up - some of which sounded amazing.

At the top of the hill, in the shadow of Murray's Monument The Dark Outside FM was broadcasting recordings that had been sent in from all over the world - none of it had been heard in public before. We lounged in the blow up sofas and had a rest away from the midges. What a way to spend an evening in the Galloway Forest...

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