Wednesday, 11 September 2013

EAFS - Walking The Tide

 Waiting to set off at Kippford Village Hall

About to cross to Rough Island

Walking The Tide

The flags following on from the windcatchers - this is the group of people who followed with flags, they had young children and or dogs and didn't carry the big windcatchers.

On Rough Island we all lined up along the tide marks on the beach.

Happiness! Jill's face says it all.

For me, Walking The Tide was definitely one of the highlights of the Environmental Arts Festival.

Artists Florencia García Chafuén and Jo Hodges produced a piece of art full of happiness and joy. We enjoyed the Galloway landscape at its best, and left nothing more than a few extra stones on the cairn at Rough Island at the end. Visually, it was absolutely stunning but, to many of the participants, the experience were also incredibly moving.

From the jolly walk through Kippford with a band playing, to the silence of the crossing and then the coming together on Rough Island where we all sang together into the wind (expertly lead by Ali Burns). It was an amazing experience.

Sometimes environmental art takes on a very masculine nature with large objects on the landscape 'making their mark'. This piece had a very feminine feel to it - not surprising considering it was a collaboration between three women. For me the piece was about reaching out, forming bonds, treasuring the landscape and collaborating to make a thing of immense beauty. We all came together in windswept Kippford, linked the mainland and Rough Island with our billowing red wind-catchers, and left with memories which will last forever.

Photographer Mike Bolam took some great photos of the event here.

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