Friday, 19 June 2009

Behind the scenes...

Here are a few photos from all the preparations for our Exhibition Opening last Friday.

Firstly we emptied the gallery and Grierson Glover made a fantastic job of cleaning the carpets.

On the day of the opening the kitchen looked like a flower stall as I prepared the flowers for the gallery. We chose lots of sweetpeas and posies from our garden to complement the wild flowers depicted by Sue Dunne on her ceramics.

Sue Dunne's ceramic eggs looked stunning on the glass table in our front room. I had been thinking of a good way to present them and that morning went out very early to pick grasses from the field in front of our house. I was really pleased with this solution - the grass stopped the eggs rolling around and reflected the delicacy of Sue's work.

I found this 'gallery red' hydrangea in a flower shop in Glasgow called Quid Est. I saw it sitting outside the shop and knew it would be perfect outside our gallery on the opening night.

This is Sue Dunne's ceramic 'House of Cards' in the gallery window.

At last we were all ready to go and our friend Jools arrived to help with the wine. Here we are with Sue Dunne's ceramic cabbage bowl and jug. The opening had a real buzz about it and was really enjoyable, thank you all for coming!

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