Thursday, 11 June 2009

Richard W. Boardman @ Dukes Hotel

Richard Boardman, who is exhibiting with us in August,  emailed me this great photograph. One of his sculptures has been bought by Dukes Hotel  in London. The Dachshund sits proudly in the Hotel entrance. 

Richard says "Just recently when I was in London I went to the Dukes Hotel where I was thrilled to see that they have my Dachshund in the entrance. Apparently practically everybody who enters the hotel touches it and it is also dusted everyday. The attached jpeg is from the Dukes hotel brochure and was taken when the Dachshund was first installed. Since then it has taken on the most wonderfully rich patina. The moral of the story being that the more a piece gets touched the richer and darker the patina becomes." 

Richard will be showing his work with paintings from Bourne Fine Art in our August exhibition. When I started to plan the exhibition programme I had a strong feeling that although his work is contemporary it would sit well with paintings from the 19th century, I think the picture above proves this nicely!

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