Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Yoga & Picasso in Malaga

On Saturday I got back from a Blissful Iyengar yoga holiday in Spain with Bonar Hutchison.

We had one day off from our yoga practice and this gave us a chance to go to Malaga for the day where art was never far from my mind! The Picasso Museum is a beautiful building, a perfect space for his work. The interior is cool and calm in spite of all the people enjoying the exhibitions. The way the work is hung makes for a very satisfying viewing experience: there is no information overload and every piece is given the space it needs.

This trip restored my faith in his work which had been shaken slightly after visiting the recent Picasso exhibition at the National Gallery in London. As is normal for any artist, and especially a prolific artist who was popular in his life time, the work is not always consistently great! The National Gallery exhibition was hung in a dark space and some of the work just wasn't that good. What a difference to view his work in his native Spain in such sympathetic surroundings and with skillful curation. I loved his very early work: Little paper cut outs of animals that he made when he was only nine and a wonderful oil painting of his sister that was painted when he was 15. Round every corner there was something to excite the eyes and I left feeling completely uplifted.

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Hannah said...

Thanks for the fab card Zoe. Hope you had a lovely time out there.