Monday, 21 September 2009

The British Art Fair...and more.

I'm just back from a trip to London - a mixture of research for the gallery and seeing some exhibitions that I wanted to catch before they finished. I got quite ill with a cold bug while I was away, being on the Tube with a temperature wasn't fun but I still managed to stick to my plans more or less.

London always seems so sunny and warm compared to Scotland and, sure enough, as I walked to my hotel, I wondered why I'd brought a coat. I went to the Courtauld Gallery at Somerset House to see 'Beyond Bloomsbury' an exhibition focusing on the work of the 'Omega Workshop'. I was meeting a friend who I hadn't seen for a year and we did more chatting than concentrating on the exhibition - even so I was a little disappointed and thought the exhibition was a bit light on content. I love the Courtauld Gallery though, home of one of my favourite Modigliani paintings.

We then went to the Private View of Ceramics In The City. My friends Hannah McAndrew and Philomena Pretsell were both exhibiting and it was great to see them. There was a fabulous selection of work on show and I was very tempted to buy quite a few pieces. I bought a mug for Jill by Sophie McCarthy, it's decorated with a beautiful design of green grass and blue birds using a wax resist technique.

I was staying in Bloomsbury - a new part of town for me - so the next day I took a nice walk in the sunshine through Russell Square and went to the British Museum to see Gardens and Cosmos. The paintings were exquisite, I didn't want to leave. So much detail, colour and beauty in every painting. Every painting told a story

A big disappointment were the commercial galleries in Cork Street - there didn't seem to be much going on at all and what I did see made me feel quite bored. I made a swift exit to Liberty's and saw better examples of Art in the Scarves and Handbag department!

Finally, I went to The British Art Fair. It was unlike other Art fairs I've been to as each exhibitor had been allocated quite a large space. There was some great work on show. I fell in love with a Whyn Lewis painting... one day!

Before I caught the train I managed to see the new Ceramics Department at the V & A. What a treat! Studio Pottery, Commercial Pottery, pots from 3500 BC, a fabulous coil pot by Grayson Perry (one of my favourites potters), so much to see that I want to make a return visit soon.

Can't wait for the next trip!

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