Friday, 4 September 2009

How to display...?

Setting up a new exhibition is pretty hard work - it takes weeks and weeks of planning. When the time nears for the Private View I really enjoy the transformation that takes place in the gallery. Every time there is a different feel about the exhibiting space.

For the show which opens on Sunday (2 - 4pm, you are all welcome!) we have many different pots from lots of different potters. It is called 'A Feast of Pots' to go with the painters who are 'The Artists' Lunch'.

Hannah McAndrew makes beautiful earthenware slipware using traditional coloured glazes. I bought some red gingham to display her pots on as she has sent a complete table setting. I wanted to display her work in a homely way. I think it works, but I'm not sure if I should set it with the knife and fork? Is this taking 'A Feast of Pots' too far?

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Hannah said...

Hi Zoe,
Bottle of wine maybe? Looking forward to seeing it all tomorrow.