Friday, 29 January 2010

The World's First Pottery

I love the new BBC Radio 4 series 'The History of The World In 100 Objects'. This morning's programme featured a 7,000 year old Japanese Jomon pot. Jomon people created the world's first pottery and this invention went on to change our diet by introducing pottery cooking vessels.

As Neil MacGregor says at the end of the programme: '...pots bind the whole of society together.'

In the gallery both Jill and I love exhibiting pottery from many different makers, and as this wonderful Jomon pot demonstrates that you can't overestimate the importance of it.

The whole 'History of The World' series has been quite brilliant, another of my favourite episodes was about a 13,000 year old carving of swimming reindeer and what it tells us about early art.

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JB's said...

That was the best episode yet, the Japanese dude was a dude.