Sunday, 10 January 2010

He's Home!

'Peter Pan is feeling very poorly' - Illustration © Richard W. Boardman

Just over a week ago we had to take Peter Pan to the equine hospital in Glasgow. His illness is still a bit of a mystery - he stopped eating and drinking and was obviously feeling very ill. After the most wonderful care at the Weipers Centre we got him home on Thursday. We've just been out for a walk with him and his friend Hamish. His appetite has returned to normal, helped by the arrival of some delicious looking meadow hay, and 'Apple Chaff'.

Artist and friend of the gallery Richard Boardman drew a wonderful illustration of Peter Pan convalescing. I think everyone needs a hot water bottle in this freezing weather!

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Christine H S said...

How good to have Peter Pan home, and what an honour to have a Richard Boardman special card!