Monday, 11 January 2010

Carlingwark Ice

JOHN THRELFALL Carlingwark Ice - Mute Swans oil on canvas £490

This painting by John Threlfall couldn't be more perfect for the cold weather; it's been colder here than I can ever remember.

Carlingwark Loch did indeed freeze over but today a thaw has started. Although I find the icy, sparkly white countyside round here incredibly beautiful I think I've had enough for another year and I hope the thaw continues...

In tribute to this exceptional cold snap I have decorated the gallery window with some art work which reflects winter, snow and ice: John Threlfall's 'Carlingwark Ice - Mute Swans', James Orr's 'Little Church In The Snow' and Aliisa Hyslop's 'Moon Skaters'.

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