Wednesday, 14 July 2010

E A Taylor's chair

Mr Tinkler in E A Taylor's chair

This afternoon we had a visit from two of our good customers, Mr and Mrs Tinkler. Mr Tinkler is a keen amateur film maker. When he heard that one of the chairs in our gallery used to belong to the artist E A Taylor he asked if he could film me sitting in the chair chatting about where the chair came from and who used to own it.

In return he agreed to pose in the chair for my Blog!

It's such a comfy chair and I love that fact that it once belonged to someone who is so much a part of the history of art in this area. E A Taylor was married to Jessie M King and they lived at Greengate in Kirkcudbright. Jessie M King's work is included in The Glasgow Girls exhibition in Kirkcudbright this summer.

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Kathryn Mackenzie said...

That's such a lovely story! I've seen and admired the chair in the gallery but had no idea it had such an illustrious history.