Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Edward Scissorhands

JOHN JOHNSTONE Edward Scissorhands mixed media on board 86 x 72 cm £1,850

The new exhibition is underway. Phew, that was a fast change around, Sandy Murphy's paintings were collected on Monday afternoon. By Tuesday night all the new work was on the wall and the gallery was looking lovely.

This painting by John Johnstone made us want to watch the film Edward Scissorhands again. I think it is a brilliant film, absolutely heartbreaking, but good!

The new exhibition is a complete contrast to our last. It is predominantly figurative and the gallery really feels very different once again. I grew up with John Johnstone's work in our house and as a family we all have a lot of admiration for his work. It's such a delight to be sitting in the gallery surrounded by so many of his paintings.

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