Saturday, 24 July 2010

Hidden Article Competition

Richard W Boardman's bronze bird, John Johnstone's painting Edward Scissorhands and Helen Fay's etching Rook II.
It's Castle Douglas Civic week 'Hidden Article Competition' from the 25th July to 1st August. We're taking part so if you see a strange something in the gallery window you might have spotted it.

I remember spending many an hour doing this competition as a child and people often put really boring objects in their windows for you to find like paper clips and bits of blue tack. Jill and I came up with a better idea. I can't give any clues as to what our hidden article is, but it is tiny.

I thought I would decorate the window to appeal to all the children that will be peering through the window in the next week: I put John Johnstone's 'Edward Scissorhands' in the centre with Richard W. Boardman's bronze bird and Helen Fay's etching 'Rook II'. They look great together and there's definitely a 'big black bird' theme going on!

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