Sunday, 5 September 2010

Glasgow Boys Again

Today I went for a second visit to the outstanding Glasgow Boys at Kelvingrove Museum in Glasgow. Every painting is a gem and it is an incredibly full and comprehensive exhibition so it really merits more than one visit.

I think Sir James Guthrie's work is probably my favourite. From the powerful 'Highland Funeral' at the start of the exhibition, to his portrait of 'Old Willie The Village Worthy', which I think is one of the best portraits I've ever seen. His painting 'Hard At It' of an artist painting under a parasol on a beach is brilliant, painted in a very direct manner using the kind of soft almost gentle colours that were a favourite of 'The Boys' as The Glasgow Boys liked to call themselves.

I love all the paintings so much that I'd like to go back again before it closes on the 27th September.

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