Saturday, 11 September 2010

Opening Day

Here are some photos from our Opening today. We had a very busy time and the gallery is looking great. I hope these photos give a feel of the exhibition, we're delighted with how popular the work is and how many compliments we had in the visitors' book.

Thank you all for coming and making it such an enjoyable Opening.

Sue Dunne's Honeysuckle framed ceramic relief

Frans Wesselman's Stained Glass Panels

The front room of the gallery with John Threlfall and Sue Dunne's work.

Sue Dunne ceramics and signed copies of John Threlfall's book 'Between the Tides'

Jonathan Mitchell's Water Lilies and John Threlfall's Wood Warbler - Wood of Cree

Sue Dunne's Oak Sampler ceramic relief wall hanging

John Threlfall's Wheatear- Meilkle Ross, Sue Dunne's Unfolding Year and Jonathan Mitchell's Low Sun, A February Afternoon

Joss, who came back from Glasgow to serve drinks, with Jill and Vivien - drinks server extraordinaire!

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murfyboy said...

This looks like a cracking set up down there - used to go my holidays down at kipford years ago and play yhat wee golf course opposite the caravan site - great memories.


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