Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Andy Priestman - Potter and Painter

While we were at the Wigtown Book Festival we visited Andy Priestman's beautiful studio, deep in the heart of the Galloway Forest. What a magical place! I actually went twice, once on my own and then for a return visit with Jill because I was so keen to show her where Andy's work was created. Andy recently built a three chambered wood fired kiln so we got a tour of that too.

He brought some of the pots from his first firing to the gallery so I could see them earlier in the year and I loved his glazes (often from locally sourced clays) and his light, balanced pots. We exhibited his pots in August and we both really appreciate the subtlety and sophistication of his work - in fact I drink out of one of his tea bowls almost every evening.

Here are some photos of his studio - it's well worth a visit - the drive there quite literally takes you far from anywhere.

A lovely owl carved by Andy and set into the building which adjoins his studio.

The window Andy looks out of when he's sitting at his potter's wheel. Look at the amazing bonsai trees - some are over thirty years old.

Andy and Roger in the garden with the building which houses the wood fired kiln in the background.

I loved this red window with orange squash clustered on the sill.

 The third chamber of the wood fired kiln with pots waiting to go back in for another firing.

 The interior of the wood fired kiln has developed a beautiful lustre glaze.

 This is Andy's potter's wheel, what a view!

 Andy, Jill and Roger in the studio. It's a very calm considered space, perfect for exhibiting his paintings. I particularly like the pair in the left in the photo.

 This is the amazing view of the Galloway Forest Park from Andy's studio.

 At the end of the day I had a lovely cup of Darjeeling from the new wood fired tea bowl that Andy gave us. The glaze sparkled through the tea like gold in a peat burn.

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Hannah said...

Amazing place isn't it and what a great collection of work too.