Thursday, 14 October 2010

Autumn Window

Autumn has been kind to us - the weather over the weekend was gloriously sunny and then the mists descended, which I actually quite liked too.

I've made an Autumny window for the gallery. Bridget Drakeford has just sent us a delivery of her beautiful pots. I chose a luscious, full bodied red jug and a fluted bowl for my display. The copper red of the pots looks fantastic with David Sinclair's 'Plum Centre' - his oil painting of plums in a basket. The only two works we have in the gallery that feature Autumn leaves are Anita Kein's 'Falling Leaves' and Aliisa Hyslop's 'The Autumn Leaves' so they went in the window along with Allan Craig's copper 'Arts and Crafts' mirror. My friend Jools suggested that some real Autumn leaves would finish off the display nicely. I brought some Witch Hazel leaves from our garden, Jools was right - they look great.

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