Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Sue Dunne - Starry Inspirations

Sue Dunne came to the gallery yesterday, she needed to top up supplies of several pieces of pottery, as her current exhibition with us has been so successful. Here she is enjoying a cup of tea while we chatted about her next project for the gallery. It was lovely to see her when we weren't rushing around preparing for a show.

It is times like this that are probably the favourite part of my job. Sue is taking part in our 'Galloway' exhibition in December. This year I have asked makers if they would like to exhibit pieces inspired by Galloway's 'Dark Sky National Park' status.

Sue has been collecting seed heads and flowers that have a natural star shape. She brought some samples from the molds that she's made (pictured above) and the results have been extremely pleasing. Many of them have an absolutely perfect star shape.

The ideas Sue had for the exhibition were brilliant - I loved chatting with her about her creative process. As Martin Creed said, in his recent talk at Wigtown Book festival, he feels very strongly that the process involved in making art is as important as the outcome. I agree; there is nothing like the feeling you get when you are totally immersed in the process of making. However, if the results of the creative process are as beautiful as Sue Dunne's work, then the outcome is a delight for all to enjoy.

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